High Fidelity Fully Balanced DAC (Little Swan)

Exquisite Design

The minimalist industrial design of LAQXD1 is impressive.

CNC machining of all-aluminum body shows its metal charm and ​surface anodizing gives an extremely fine feel.

Digital and Analog Interfaces

LA-QXD1’s analog output interface includes the fully balanced XLR and the single-ended RCA interface.
The output amplitude is ​(XLR 4.0V/RCA 2.0V).

LA-QXD1 uses the universal Type-C (5V@1A) interface for power supply. Users can choose an ​adapter ​or a power bank to ​power it.

Operations and Settings

LA-QXD1’s front panel integrated buttons and indicator LEDs can ​clearly indicate the current working status of the unit.

Buttons supported digital inputs audio switching, volume upand down, filter mode switching and mute function. ​It is default ​USB input and volume is -60dB.​

Press PWR/MUTE button for 2 seconds to switch filter.

The indicator supports input audio source, filter mode, ​power indication and mute prompt . LA-QXD1’s ​operation logic is simple and very easy to get started.

Specifications and Test Results

149.3 mm(W) 87 mm(D) 37 mm(H)
Weight: ​500 g
​Color: Deep Black / Space Gray/Sky Silver
Power input: ​DC 5 V @ 1 A
 Power consumption: ​< 4 W
Signal input: USB-B / Toslink / RCA Coaxial
Digital output: ​RCA Coaxial
 Line out: XLR / RCA
 RCA: Coaxial input  ​
Frequency response: 20Hz~20KHz XLR / RCA (±0.18 dB)
Dynamic range(DNR): A-W XLR > 122 dB; RCA > 122dB
Signal noise ratio(SNR):​:​ A-W XLR > 121  dB; RCA > 121 dB
THD+N: 1 kHz XLR / RCA < 0.00014% (-117 dB)
Crosstalk: 1 kHz XLR > 133 dB; RCA > 130 dB
Output voltage:​ XLR 4.0 V;   ​RCA 2.0 V  ​​
​Output impedance: XLR 200 Ω ; RCA 100  Ω
Noise floor modulation: 4.3 μVrms