High Fidelity Fully Balanced DAC (Black Swan)

Our designer has solved the SGD1 Hi-Fi DAC’s ESS IMD Hump issue!

Industrial Design and Appearance

Three-dimensional Compact Design

Simple and Natural Appearance

Front Panel

Rear Interface

Various Digital and Analog Interfaces

1. Dual Input (USB-B & USB-C) design for greater compatibility.
2. AES/EBU balanced digital inputs for professional devices.
3. Digital output (coaxial RCA) using any input(USB/Bluetooth/Toslink/AES/Coaxial)to digital coaxial output.

Functions and Interfaces
Balanced Analog Output Interface XLR

Gold-plated XLR Balanced Analog Output Parameters:

1. Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise(THD+N): <0.000096%(-120.355 dB) @1kHz

2. Dynamic Range : >126 dB @ 1kHz
3. Signal To Noise Ratio(SNR): >126 dB
4. Frequency Response : 20~20kHz(±0.15 dB)
5. Channel Crosstalk : >143 dB
6. Output Impedance:200 Ω
7. Output Voltage: 4.0 Vrms
8. Output Jitter:38.5 pS
9. Noise Level(Noise floor modulation): 1.3 μVrms

Single-Ended Analog Output Interface RCA

Customized Gold-Plated RCA (red/black) Analog Single-Ended Output Interface:

1. Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise(THD+N): <0.0001%(-120 dB) @1kHz 2. Dynamic range : >125 dB @ 1kHz
3. Signal To Noise Ratio(SNR): >125 dB
4. Frequency Response : 20~20kHz(±0.15 dB)
5. Channel Crosstalk : >140 dB
6. Output impedance:100 Ω
7. Output Voltage: 2.0 Vrms
8. Output Jitter:40 pS
9. Noise Level ( Noise floor modulation): 1.4 μVrms

Digital Audio Input Interface——USB-B & USB-C Dual Input

Customized Gold-Plated USB-B and USB-C Ports As The USB Input Interface:

1. USB input adopts XU208 XMOS high-performance control chip.
2. USB-B & USB-C Dual Input, convenient for multi-player device usage scenarios.
3. USB-B and USB-C are inserted at the same time and can easily switch between each input source.
4. USB-B and USB-C support 32-bit 768kHz PCM/DSD512 (Native)
5. Compatible with multiple operating systems Windows/iOS/Android/Linux/Volumio
6. Thesycon Custom USB Drivers.

Digital Audio Input Interface-Bluetooth 5.0 Bluetooth Input

CSR8675-LDAC Ultra-High-Definition Bluetooth Chip:

1. Support Bluetooth 5.0 specification and low-power safe connection.
2. Support various codecs such as APTX/APTX LL/SBC/AAC
3. Support 192kHz 24bit Audio Input
4. The antenna is hidden under the front panel to increase the stability of the connection and provide an elegant look.
5. To connect using Bluetooth, Select SONCOZ-SGD1 from your mobile phone or any other device.

Digital Audio Input Interface——AES/EBU Digital Balanced Input

1. Digital balanced input adopts AKM4118A high-performance low jitter transceiver chip.
2. Supports 24-bit/192kHz audio digital input.
3. Compatible with AES3, IEC60958, S/PDIF, EIAJ CP1201
4. Utilizes the internal low-jitter analog phase-locked loop (PLL) as a clock source to reduce jitter

Digital Audio Input Interface——Digital Coaxial Input

Gold-Plated RCA Female Socket As A Digital Coaxial Input Interface:

1. Digital coaxial input adopts the AKM4118A high-performance low-jitter transceiver chip.
2. Supports 24-bit/192kHz audio digital input.
3. Utilizes the internal low-jitter analog phase-locked loop (PLL) as a clock source to reduce jitter.

Digital Audio Input Interface——TOSLINK Optical Input

Custom Audio Grade High-Speed Fiber Optic Connectors For Fiber Optic Input Interfaces:

1. The working frequency of optical fiber reaches 192kHz and the rate reaches 25M.
2. The converted electrical signal enters the AKM4118A high-performance low-jitter transceiver chip.
3. Supports 192kHz 24bit audio input.
4. Utilizes the internal low-jitter analog phase-locked loop (PLL) as a clock source to reduce jitter.

Digital Audio Output Interface——Coaxial Digital Output

Customized Gold-Plated RCA Female Socket As The Digital Coaxial Output Interface:

1. Digital coaxial output uses AKM4118A high-performance low-jitter transceiver chip.
2. Supports 24-bit/192kHz digital audio input.
3. Utilizes the internal low-jitter analog phase-locked loop (PLL) as a clock source to reduce jitter.
4. Easily output a digital coaxial S/PDIF signal using any digital input.

Power Input

The Power Input Uses a 3Pin Three-In-One (Socket, Fuse, and Switch) Socket:

1. Power input: AC 110V/220V, can be switched according to the local voltage level.
2. Spare fuse for use in case of emergency.
3. The total power consumption is less than 8W.

Operation & Settings
Front Panel Introduction

The Front Panel Is Simple And Unified, The Function Partition Is Obvious, And The integrated Button Is Easy To Operate

1. The left is the function indication area, including the input sound source selection status and filter mode status indication.
2. On the right are the multi-function knob and volume indicator band.

Audio Input Selection

Easily switch Between 6 Different Types Of Source Inputs Using The Right Knob:

1. The default power-on state: USB port input, default filter mode APOD, digital coaxial output is turned on, and the volume indicator is in the minimum state
2. Single press the knob (mute state), input mode selection, rotate the knob to select a different input source.
3. Press again to end the source selection or wait 3 seconds to automatically exit the input source selection state.
4. The volume of each input source can be separately stored and remembered so that the next time it is turned on; it will return to the last set state.

Filter Mode Selection

7 Different Types Of Filter Modes To Choose From:

1. The default filter mode is APOD (Apodizing fast roll-off linear phase filter).
2. Press and hold the right knob for 3 seconds to enter the filter selection mode, turn the knob to switch between different filters.
3. The filter mode of each input can be separately stored in memory so that after turning on the SGD-1, it reverts to the last user-selected filter.
4. From left to right, the abbreviations for the filter modes are as follows: APOD- BRIC- FAM- FAL- HYER- SLM-SLL

• Apodizing fast roll-off filter — APOD
• Brick wall filter — BRIC
• Minimum phase fast roll-off filter — FAM
• Linear phase fast roll-off filter — FAL
• Hybrid fast roll-off filter — HYER
• Minimum phase slow roll-off filter — SLM
• Linear phase slow roll-off filter — SLL

Volume Indicator

The Volume Level Is Identified By The Indicator Ring:
1. The default volume level is -64dB, the encoder adjustment volume step is 0.5dB/Step, and the maximum volume level is 0dB.
2. To use as pure DAC mode, adjust the DAC volume to the maximum. This will provide the maximum output and amplitude.

Infrared Remote Control

Soncoz SGD1 Custom Extended Infrared Remote-Control:

The remote control can be used to control all the different functions of the SONCOZ SGD-1:

1. Mute the SGD1
2. 2/9. Filter mode selection
3. 4/8. Null
4. Coaxial input selection
5. Optical input selection
6. AES input selection
7. Bluetooth input selection
8. USB-B input selection
9. USB-C input selection
10. Volume up ( increase volume level )
11. Volume down ( decrease volume level )

Firmware Upgrade & Reset

SGD1 integrates an intelligent CPU to support over-the-air (OTA) upgrade function, and avoid all the inconveniences of traditional upgrade methods. SGD1 supports two upgrade methods:

1. Mobile hotspot OTA Upgrade Method:
2. Setup a mobile hotspot and set the name;ANIG,Set the password to:12345678
3. Power cycle (turn off then on again) the SGD1 to turn on WiFi, when the above hotspot is detected, it will automatically detect if any new firmware is available. If there is, the device will automatically upgrade and restart; if not, WiFi will be turned off after one minute, the upgrade function will be turned off, and normal operation will resume.
4. Mobile APP OTA Upgrade Method:
5. Turn on the SGD1, press the knob shortly three times, until all the indicators on the left light up, then enter the upgrade distribution mode.
6. Use the mobile phone APP (Esptouch) to follow the steps to configure the network for SGD1 (make sure that SGD1 and the mobile phone are on the same 2.4G WiFi network).
7. After the network upgrade is successful, it will automatically detect if there is any new firmware available.
8. If there is, the device will automatically upgrade and restart; if not, WiFi will be turned off after one minute, the upgrade function will be turned off, and normal operation will continue.
9. SGD1 will check for the WiFi network every time the power is turned on. If the network exists, it will automatically detect if there is any new firmware available and proceed to update then turn off the WiFi function. If the network does not exist, the device will turn off the WiFi function after one minute after powering on.
10. Press and hold the button for more than 6 seconds to reset the entire device.

Miscellaneous Instructions

SGD1 integrates many functions, in addition to the above settings and operations, there are some precautions:

1. SGD1’s WiFi function is only used to upgrade the device’s firmware, it has no other function, and there is no data collection behavior of any kind.
2. The analog balanced XLR output and the single-ended RCA output can be used at the same time, and the two interfaces can be simultaneously connected to the power amplification equipment of the corresponding interface (Amplifier/Power amplifier)
3. SGD1 is a high-performance DAC that can also meet the requirements of pre-amp applications.
4. The DAC’s internal modulator, filter, volume control can not be bypassed, this is determined by the chip.
5. SGD1 can be used in pure DAC mode, just adjust the volume to the maximum (fixed volume).

Miscellaneous Soncoz SGD1 Highlights

Excellent Heat Dissipating Design

The SGD1 heat dissipation system is based on a thermal simulation design. The excellent heat dissipation ensures high performance and stable operation for the SGD1

High-End Power Supply System

After five different iterations of design, verification, and optimization of the SGD1’s power supply system, two sets of linear transformers were finally selected to provide a separate power supply for analog and digital circuits. A large number of ultra-low noise LDOs and audio-grade capacitors were carefully chosen to deliver a High-end power supply system with an ultra-low noise floor.

High-Performance Chip Selection

For each function of SGD1, a specific chip with excellent performance was chosen. This ensures that the overall performance of SGD1 reaches its highest performance peak and unlocks its true potential.

Convenient Interactive Design-Multi-Function Knob

A highly integrated push knob can complete all functions and operations of SGD1. To further improve the user’s operation experience, The SGD1 takes advantage of many software optimizations. For example, when switching between different source inputs, the Fade in-out effect ensures the safety of the connected audio equipment (such as speakers or headphones). Also, it protects the human ear from any sudden loud noises.
Another example is the anti-shake algorithm for the knob misoperation. All these optimizations significantly improve the user experience and aid usability, making the SGD1 a true user-friendly device.

Warm Color Indicator and Breathing Mode

The color of the SGD1’s indicator light has been tested and verified many times. Finally, the warm orange color was selected as the primary color of the indicator light for the entire SONCOZ brand series of products.
The mute function is convenient for quickly muting the sound when critical situations (important calls) call for it. When the SGD1 is in mute mode, the entire volume light strip will breathe, just like a living spirit breathing. When the device is in mute for more than 10 minutes, all the lights of the SGD1 will turn off. The SGD1 is in standby sleep mode.
To wake up the SGD1 from sleep mode, use the knob or the remote control.
A mute user experience design is also added to the mute function: when you exit mute (to play music again), the device will not suddenly resume playing at the previous volume level, instead, the volume will gradually return to the user’s previous configured volume setting to avoid the startle response.

Measured Parameters

SGD1 integrated two linear transformers to provide separate power to the digital and analog circuits, the carefully selected ultra-low noise LDOs and audio capacitors jointly achieve SGD1 excellent ultra-low floor noise High-end power supply system.

The multi-function knob button integrated all the functions and operations of SGD1. Such as Mute, volume up and down, digital input switch, filter mode switch, OTA mode setting, off and on. Of course, The IR remote control also controls the abovementioned functions. The warm white LEDs and the led strip will indicate SGD1’s current status.

-In the Box-

  • SGD1 X 1
  • USB-B cable X 1
  • AC cable X 1
  • Remote X 1

P.s. You can find the user manual via the following link.


Docs and driver:

Review by Audio Science Review

There is great attention paid to keeping noise and interference to a minimum. All of this helps SGD1 beat over 200 DACs in SINAD (distortion plus noise)!

SGD1 is an impressive DAC that satisfies the professional, ​yet is easy enough for the beginner.

Elegant Design

The industrial design of SGD1 is very delicate, our designers through ​​the minimalist approach brings the rich interface ​and ​elegant appearance perfectly presented in front of the world.

This design is unique for a desktop DAC

Amir from ASR

SGD1 integrated “Big-runwany” front pannel design, the whole looks neat and the layoutis very rereasonable, meanwhile, Multi-function knob button makes ​​human-computer ​interaction very easy.

Rich Digital and Analog Interfaces

The neat and compact interface layout of the real panel ​not only allows for both practicality but also ​​perfectly integrates the features of SGD1.

SGD1 integrates multiple groups of digital input and output interfaces, including USB-B, USB-C, AES, Toslink, Coaxial, Bluetooth 5.0 and digital Coaxial output interface.

​The analog output interface includes a fully balanced XLR interface and a single terminal Output RCA interface, and its numerical output amplitude meets the standard output amplitude (XLR 4.0V/RCA 2.0V).

Meanwhile, SGD1 also supports two international operating voltage levels (110V or 220V), so that music loversaround the world can ​better enjoy the charm of SGD1 sound.

Operations and Settings

The multi-function press knob integrates all the operations and settings of SGD1 to ensure that users can easily and quickly switch to audio source, volume ​adjustment, filter mode switching and so on.

Multi-function knob button integrates all the functions and operations ​of SGD1. Such as Mute, volume up and down, digital input switching, filter mode switching, OTA mode setting​ and so on.

IR Remote Control

SGD1 standard with custom function of the IR remote control, it can achieve all SGD1 functions ​of the operation.

The IR remote control brings more intuitive and convenient experience to users, and can realize blind ​operation ​​almost without learning.

Indicator Leds and Mute

The SGD1 indicator and display are all realized by the warm color LEDs, so ​that users can enjoy music at night without damaging the atmosphere due to the glare of ​​the indicator light.

Both the IR remote control and SGD1 multi-function buttons have upgraded ​version of the one-button mute function.

Black Tech’s and Software Algorithms

Our software designers developed algorithms specifically for SGD1’s integrated multi-function
push ​​knob ​to prevent misjudgment.

Not only that, SGD1’s audio source switch and music start and stop add Fade In-out effect to protect audio ​devices(such as speakers) and human ears from impact.

At the same time, the state of each digital audio input channel of SGD1 (volume and filter mode, etc.) is stored and managed independently, so the channel data parameters ​will not be lost even if power is lost.

This not only makes it easy for users to quickly restore the settings of the parameters (volume and filter mode) of the last music appreciation on different devices, but also greatly facilitates the comparison of auditions and tests.

It is believed that SGD1, which integrates many black technologies, will bring ​an extraordinary experience to users.

Specifications and Test Results

Dimensions: 250 mm(W) 225 mm(D) 55 mm(H)
Weight: 3 Kg
​Color: Space Gray / Deep Black
Power input: AC 110 V / AC 220 V
 Power consumption: < 9 W
Signal input: USB-B / USB-C / BT 5.0 / Toslink / Coaxial / AES
Digital output: ​Digital Coaxial
 Analogue Line out: XLR / RCA
 RCA: Coaxial input  ​
Frequency response: 20Hz~20KHz XLR / RCA (±0.15 dB)
Dynamic range(DNR): A-W XLR > 126 dB RCA >124 dB
Signal noise ratio(SNR):​ A-W XLR > 126 dB RCA >124 dB
THD+N: 1 kHz XLR / RCA < 0.0001% (-120 dB)
Crosstalk: 1 kHz XLR > 143 dB RCA > 140 dB
Output voltage:​ XLR 4.0 V RCA 2.0 V
Output impedance: XLR 200 Ω RCA 100  Ω
Noise floor modulation: 1.3 μVrms

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